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Our History and Founding

(1604-Present Day)

The Begley Democratic Republic and Commonwealth

The Begley Hymn (Official National Anthem of the Begley Democratic Republic and Commonwealth)

The Begley Democratic Republic and Commonwealth was founded on March 23rd 2004 but has a family legacy “Haraldically” as the Begley Royal Kingdom dating back to 1604. The Irish sect of the Begley Royal Kingdom was founded by Sir John Begley. It’s capital city is Begley City, Central Royale Province. It is bordered by the Begley Sea on the western side, The Ellis Royal Kingdom to the north, The Queendom of Nyx to the south, The Terry Confederated Alliance to the south east, and The People’s Republic of Cardemonea to the east. It is geographically diverse with grasslands in the south and mid south regions, coastal plains on the western regions, forested areas in the north central region, mountain and forest areas in the south east region, and desert land on the north east region. The physical (macro) territories of the Begley State consists of the following embassies, The Begley Embassy at Indian Springs located on an acre of land in Butler County in South Western Ohio, and The Begley Embassy at Buchanan located on ten acres of land in Pike County in South Central Ohio, in the United States of America.

Territorial Claims of the Begley Commonwealth

There is an additional seven and one half acres of land in Jackson County, Kentucky that is not owned by the Begley State itself, however it is under the jurisdiction of the Begley Family. The Begley Embassy at Seven Pines. This land is historical in nature and is the last of the original Begley Ancestral Homelands which totaled nearly five hundred acres of land, which dates back to the settlement of the Begley Royal Family which fled Ireland in the early eighteen hundreds during the troubles and the great potato famine which decimated the Irish economy.

The Begley Commonwealth

There are 2 distinct bodies of water that flow through the nation. The Ellis River that flows south near the City of Port Victoria and empties into Ellis Bay, and the Begley River that flows west to the Bay of Williamsburg. Its highest point is Mount Crystal at 21,823 FT above sea level.

The national currency is The Begley Dollar and can be traded virtually as well. The National Mascot is the Phoenix and represents the Begley People’s resolve to stand strong and rise up as the Phoenix rises from the ashes so does the will of the Begley People and our allies.

HRM King Joab H. Begley 1940~03~23 1999~04~04

The last Reigning Monarch

Throughout the last 4 centuries the Begley Royal Kingdom was handed down from king to king and heirs to the throne.

His Royal Majesty, King Joab Begley was the last reigning Monarch and was born on March 23rd 1940. The 15th Generation in the Begley Bloodline, Joab inherited a kingdom that was increasingly becoming more averse to change amid unsettling times.

On October 31st 1991 HRM King Joab signed a decree that stated his concerns regarding the future of the Begley Royal Kingdom. He stated in his royal address to the Begley People that in the sign of the times the monarchy as it stands would not survive. The decree read as such “Upon my passing, I shall appoint the Prime Minister Govan Begley to govern this land until such time as a transformation to a more suitable government can be completed. Upon my death it shall be decreed that the name of the Begley Royal Kingdom shall be known as the Begley Constitutional Monarchy and Republic.

On April 4 Easter Sunday in 1999 The last monarch of the Begley Royal Kingdom passed away in his sleep. Prime Minister Govan Begley took the reins of power under the new Begley Constitutional Monarchy and Republic.

The Begley Charter is the Constitution as written at the founding of the Begley Royal Kingdom. The first elections were held from July 5 to July 10 of 1999 which Prime Minister Govan Begley was elected. The Prime Minister was sworn in on August 9, 1999 and served a five-year term as Prime Minister.

From Monarchy to Commonwealth

On May 27, 2003 legislation was introduced to continue the transformation of the nation and the referendum was set into affect which lasted roughly a year.

On April 4th, 2004 on the fifth anniversary of King Joab’s passing, The Begley People voted overwhelmingly in favor of the legislature’s proposal and on August 9, 2004 The Begley Constitutional Monarchy and Republic was redesignated the Democratic Republic of the Begley Commonwealth and Prime Minister Govan Begley was reelected to a second term but this time he was designated as the nations first President.

President Govan Begley would go on to be reelected for a third term (Second as President) as allowed by the Begley Charter. In 2009 General Brandon J. Begley was appointed as the minister of defense at which time he answered directly to the President of the DRBC, General Begley served with dignity in the best interest of the Begley People, defending and protecting the nation against threats from foreign lands.

General Brandon J. Begley The Second Minister of Defense

A Soldier’s Ambition for Higher Office

On January 22, 2014 General Begley launched a bid for the presidency against Tyler Begley but lost due to his popularity! General Begley promptly called to congratulate him on his election victory and in the hopes that he would continue what King Joab decreed. General Begley was appointed to continue his service as minister of defense under his administration working with him to carry out the last monarch’s wishes.

On January 22, 2019 General Begley launched a second bid to run for president on the promise that the transformation of the nation decreed before he passed would be completed and passed into law and that that as president he would strive to bring peace and prosperity to the People’s Republic of Cardemonea and help them become one of our strongest allies, helping to rebuild the once war torn land into an economic powerhouse.

The Nation’s Third President.

From General to Commander in Chief

On August 9, 2019 General Brandon J. Begley was duly elected as the President of the Democratic Republic of the Begley Commonwealth and in a gesture of good faith appointed Tyler Begley as a senior member of his administration, due to his expertise in governing.

Upon taking office a resolution was drafted in the Begley House of Commons and the Begley House of Parliament to finalize the transformation of our nation into the vision King Joab H. Begley had invisioned.

In a unanimous vote by the house and the parliament and as adopted by the people on July 10th, The DRBC was rebranded as The Begley Democratic Republic and Commonwealth as ratified by the Begley Charter, and on August 9 the resolution was adopted.

Our National Anthem is called The Begley Hymn and was adopted as the official anthem of the BDR on March 23, 2006 along with our national motto “Peace and Prosperity for All Generations!” which is our hopes and dreams for all our people, and those who stand allied with us and our values past, present, and future.

Forward With the Banner

The Begley Democratic Republic and Commonwealth remains committed to the preservation of peace and prosperity for all who seek it. We welcome you to our humble home, to share, live, study, and observe the traditions, lineage, and histories of our Begley People’s and our friends and allies.

Sincerely, Brandon J. Begley

The Begley Democratic Republic
and Commonwealth

“Peace and Prosperity, for All Generations!”

December 30, 2021
Historical Archives